Celebrate Toronto is more than a commemoration
... it is the commonality we each share in our rich diversity - and it’s simple: Love for our city.
— Micayla Doria, CEO/Founder, Celebrate Toronto


Micayla Doria founded Celebrate Toronto in 2013. As a Toronto based artist, fresh out of Ontario College of Art and Design, Micayla worked across the GTA, painting murals, hosting gallery shows, and organizing events in support of local charities. With great passion for the arts, history, and her home, Toronto, Micayla decided to curate an art gala in honour of Toronto’s 180th Anniversary. With an overwhelming response from the public, Micayla knew it was time to take her vision to the next level, and founded the non-profit organization, Celebrate Toronto. Today, the Festival and organization is known across the continent, and is a large scale event for all Torontonian’s to enjoy, while honouring the city we are fortunate to call home.

Micayla has traveled internationally engaging in different communities and supported valuable and sustainable community development projects abroad. She continues to play an active hands-on role in valuable community-based projects from her home in Toronto. She gained a comprehensive understanding of sustainable community development, as well as a unique insight into the lives of families living in the developing world. Her passion for adventure and culture has carried her through 5 continents, and 85 countries; becoming a culturally conscious community leader.